X9 Technologies

Connected Solutions for a Connected World.

Creating software and web applications using Microsoft's preferred, flexible and secure .net platform

Automation Integration

Developing seamless integration with a variety of motion, automation and PLC platforms, we can help deliver quality robotic and motion solutions to facilitate your automation goals.

Prototyping Support

Providing Solidworks design and 3D printing for prototyping and development support allowing you to bridge the gap between development and application.

Systems Integration

From a simple application to a multi-layered, complex total system management solution make all the components of your business work together to fit your vision for success.





Welcome to X9 Technologies, Inc.

X9 Technologies is a leading Greensboro, North Carolina technology solutions provider.  Founded in 2004 in the Triad area, X9 Technologies provides a wide cross section of industries with the technical solutions needed to solve their complex and unique challenges. 


Whether it’s software, hardware, applications, rapid prototyping, automation, robotics, QA testing, or any industry that benefits from technology, we create the next generation of connected solutions. Incorporate us into any phase of your project for a faster time to market and a better ROI.

Got a technical challenge? We'd love to hear from you.





People are always asking us "So, what exactly do you do at X9?"

Good question.  It's not impossible to answer but it could take a long . . long . . time.

At X9 we provide technology based solutions to customers across a wide spectrum of industries.  Industries from Aerospace to Health Care have reached out to X9 for a custom-designed solution because of their specialized and very complex needs.  Our team of developers and technicians work closely with our clients to clearly define their needs, establish a plan to reach their goals and then engage best-practice strategies to deliver positive results.  

Whether you're starting at the conceptual stage or have experienced a roadblock within your established project, X9 Technologies, Inc. provides the next generation of connected solutions -

  • Providing specialized solutions for those niche projects that don't fall into typical categories.
  • Thinking outside the box we approach your challenge with a fresh perspective.
  • Joining the best of development and applications with system integration
  • The best single-source for a wide array of technical solutions.


Work Process

A streamlined, proven approach to our projects yields consistent results.  From concept to final deployment we use best practices to stay ahead of the curve.


Why X9 Technologies?

At X9, we get it.  We have worked with clients at every stage of their project from the initial conception to large-scale deployments.  We know that every step requires thorough attention to detail, a deep knowledge of the required programs and platforms, and an intuitive sensibility that can only be developed after years of practical hands-on experience across a wide spectrum of technologies, such as -

  • Microsoft Platforms
  • iOS and Android
  • BLE Technology
  • PLC Integration
  • Automation and Robotics

About Us

In 2004, our team started X9 Technologies, Inc. with a simple philosophy - "Someone has to do it better".  Listening to customers, we kept hearing a recurring theme; customers weren't satisfied with the quality of service they were receiving from their tech solution providers.   We applied a simple concept to our approach - use the best practices and methods available to exceed the customer's expectations.  Promise what you can deliver, and then deliver more than you promise.

Building on these strengths, X9 Technologies, Inc. has continued to grow into a leading edge solution provider that continues to service clients from small regional operations to Fortune 100 companies.  Industries such as aerospace, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, automation and entertainment continue to come back to X9 Technologies, Inc. as their solution provider.  The long-term relationships we have with our clients is a testament to the commitment we make to be not only provide the right solution, but to provide the best customer experience possible.

"I continue to call on X9 Technologies.  They are the best at what they do" - David WInslow, WInslow Systems Limited

"The custom solution they designed for us revolutionized our day to day operation.  They exceeded all our expectations"- Dr. John Longphre M.D., WorkCare Physicians

Experience the X9 advantage

We deliver solutions that work.  Period.  Present us with your challenge and then experience how development was meant to be.

Contact Us

Our team is ready to hear from you. Let us know what you want to accomplish today. Let's get started.

  • Our Location :
    1060 PTI Drive, Greensboro, NC 27409
  • Email :
    Service : hello@x9tech.com
    Product Support : techsupport@x9tech.com
  • Phone :
    Office : (866) - 580-5779
    Fax : (336) - 217 - 8714
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